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ABS is an abbreviation for Anti-lock Brake System. It is an active vehicle safety system that prevents the wheel from locking during braking and thus losing adhesion between the wheel and the road, allowing the vehicle to remain stable, manoeuvrable and steerable in extreme situations (for example during heavy braking). The greatest braking force between the tire and the road is transmitted to the adhesion limit, which decreases sharply after it has been exceeded. Therefore, the ABS control unit constantly detects the current speed, preferably separately for each wheel. From the speeds of two diagonally placed wheels (or otherwise) it determines the so-called reference speed of the vehicle, which is then compared with the speed of each individual wheel. This continuous comparison determines the current acceleration, deceleration and slip of each wheel.

If the speed of one of the wheels decreases below the set value compared to the reference speed (start of wheel lock and loss of adhesion), the control unit releases the pressure from the slower wheel brake regardless of the brake pedal position and adds pressure again immediately after wheel speed has picked up. This way, the braking procedure approaches an ideal value at the limit of adhesion. ABS systems are able to repeat this action several times per second throughout the braking period up to a minimum speed, usually 4 km / h, when the ABS system disconnects itself.

At PENAX, we can offer you spare parts for ABS systems from Wabco, Knorr-Bremse, or Haldex. We also provide service for these or, if repair would be unprofitable, can convert your vehicle to the more modern EBS system.