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Lifting valves

Lifting valves are used on trailers with conventional suspension with Trailer ABS or Trailer EBS systems.

Lifting valves with a rotary valve are used to raise or lower the superstructure. In addition, there is an automatic return to ride height at the start of the ride (RTR function).

Lifting or lowering of the vehicle superstructure is started by simply turning the lifting valve lever. Lifting or lowering can be stopped by returning the lever to the stop position. The system keeps the body at the set height. The valve can be operated in conjunction with or without a height-restricted air suspension valve. When using height-restricted air suspension valves, the lift valve can be connected directly. This prevents the bellows in the upper stop from being permanently connected to the air reservoir.

At Penax, we offer lifting valves from leading manufacturers Wabco, Knorr-Bremse and Haldex.