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Vitesco Technologies

Vitesco Technologies Independent Aftermarket stands out as a primary automotive parts provider. They craft Original Equipment (OE) components for various vehicles, spanning from personal cars to heavy-duty commercial transports, both for on-road and off-road uses. Their establishment in September 2021 marked Continental AG's decision to separate its Powertrain segment.

Offering a diverse range of products, Vitesco Technologies specializes in electric propulsion, advanced electronic systems, sensor technology, and solutions for exhaust gas purification. They envision becoming the go-to supplier for authentic parts and services, catering to both traditional combustion engines and modern electric drives.

Products from Vitesco Technologies epitomize endurance and top-tier functionality. Leveraging their profound knowledge and tech-savvy approach, they contribute to eco-friendly innovations. Their commitment, adaptability, and skilled team ensure timely, dependable, and superior results, aligning with their aspirations for an eco-conscious, intelligent transport future.